Mac Apps

  • Submerge

    Hardcoded subtitles for your
    movies and tv-shows

  • iSubtitle

    Soft subtitled movies for
    your Apple gear

  • RoadMovie

    Professional video encoding
    for humans

  • Playr

    Video playback simplified

  • VideoTag

    Make your iTunes library look stunning

  • Week

    App + Notification center widget

  • Radio i menyraden

    Play Sveriges Radio from your menu


    Turn your movies into animated GIF's

  • Submarine

    Dive in and find subtitles online


    Your Terminal shortcut

  • Little Audio App

    Audio playback and export simplified

iPhone and iPad Apps

  • Cineast

    Stylish client for TMDb

  • Week

    App + Notification center widget

  • Name-days

    Celebrate someone every day

  • Postcard

    Send beautiful electronic postcards

  • Uncluttered

    Make your home screen legible

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