Create beautiful electronic postcards on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and send them to friends and family. Pick an image from your photos album, snap an image with the camera or fetch a map from your current location. Add some style with picture frames and multiple font choices.

Main Features

- Re-written from scratch with a new and beautiful landscape UI.
- Updated for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 Retina display.
- Universal. Run the same app on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad.
- Select a photo from your library or snap a new one with the camera.
- Fetch a map from your current location.
- Style your message font from multiple choices.
- Style your postcard with beautiful frames.
- Send as mail to one or more recipients from your addressbook.
- Save postcards to your Photos library.
- Save postcards to your apps Documents folder.
- Send postcards with MMS using Copy and Paste.
- Localized professionally (ie not Google Translate) in the following languages.
Czech-Republic Germany Netherlands


Send us a mail at [email protected] if you want to localize Postcard in your language. It’s really, really easy. You only need a text editor and you will get a promo code for your work.

What’s new in version 3.3

- Font colors.
- Five new iPhone fonts.
- Four new frames. Garden, Grunge, Love and Skull.
- Czech localization by Jakub Hadek.
- Deutsch/German localization by Michel Döhring.
- Dutch localization by Coen Steelooper.
- French localization by Mélodia François.
- Italian localization by Michele Longhi.
- [BUGFIX] Image frames now have proper resolution on retina display.

What’s new in version 3.2

- iPad 2 camera support.
- Rotate image buttons.
- Reset postcard in the action menu.
- Fixed some potential memory leaks.

What’s new in version 3.1

- Universal. Now works on the iPad!
- New and spacious iPad UI.
- Printing.

What's new in version 3.0

- Re-written from scratch.
- Completely new UI.
- Support for the Retina display.
- Edit message fonts.
- Add beautiful picture frames.
- Change stamp image.
- Dynamic map view.
- Mail without Gmail.
- Save to Documents folder.
- Copy to Pasteboard.
- New Icon.
- and more... phew!

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