GIF'ted 1.1.2

- Ready for macOS Mojave and Dark Mode.
- FFmpeg updated to the 4.0 "Wu" release.

GIF'ted 1.1.1

- Fixed an in-app purchase and restore bug, (App Store version only).
- Now you can select video Media from your open panel sidebar.

GIF'ted 1.1

- Various bug fixes and "under the hood" improvements.
- Crop your video in freeform.
- New export settings for output size.
- Fixed some auto layout issues.
- Updated to Swift 4 for better stability, performance and security.

GIF'ted 1.0.2

- Removed New from the File menu since it had no functionality.
- Now cropping correctly for movies in Portrait mode.

GIF'ted 1.0.1

- The different cropping modes now works as expected.
- Added the ability to specify the number of colors for the adaptive color palette.
- A smaller number of colors generates a smaller GIF file.
- See the output file size directly in the export sheet.