Sharing movies on the web has always been hard for anyone not a rocket scientist. MovieGallery simplifies this by giving you some very powerful tools for sharing. And unlike iPhoto and iTunes and alikes - you can work with as many galleries as you like, at the same time! So show your best works to the world.

• Invite your friends, colleagues and business partners to your own film festival, right on their own computers or mobile phones!

• MovieGallery lets you share all your movies on the web, in the most intuitive and easy way ever available. Just drag and dop and a few clicks - the result is a folder ready for any standard web server.
• You can also share your movies through GPRS, EDGE and 3G mobile telephones. Just use one of our preinstalled templates and put the shared folder on a web server!

• You can also select to share a specific gallery to many different templates with different design and compression settings - without the need of making a new gallery.
• On the Internet - all your playlists and all your added info are presented in a smart template design.

• Preview the template to get a visual view of what your shared gallery will look like when published.

• Each share template has a movie export compression setting included. You can decide individually for each movie how the selected template handle them.
• In sharing mode: choose to recompress or use the original movie. Choose flatten to make a Fast Start-movie.

• The compression settings for each template can easily be modified to suit your needs. Your modifications will stick to that template until you make additional changes.

• Create new templates. If you know how to work with XML you can create your own templates. Connect and map any field in MovieGallery to any element in an XHTML/XML document.

• Make minor adjustments to any template by duplicating it and changing any of the duplicate file's settings.