RoadMovie 2.7.2

- Various fixes and UI updates for Yosemite.
- Improved metadata search.

RoadMovie 2.7.1

- Setting a default export Preset in Preferences now works as expected.
- Fixed a bug where the Destination popup would contain several seperators.
- iTunes icon now flipped correctly on the Destinations popup.

RoadMovie 2.7

- Apple export presets greatly simplifed.
- Now supports iTunes description metadata with more than 256 characters.
- New export presets for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
- Pass through presets moved to it's own preset group.
- Generic presets renamed to Mobile.
- Hardcoded subtitles for right-to-left languages like Hebrew now renders correctly.
- Fixed a HTML parsing bug for SRT subtitles.

RoadMovie 2.6.2

- Includes an optimized FFMPEG version for all you Mavericks users out there. Huge speed boost!
- Now properly sets the language for video and audio tracks on export (2'nd try).

RoadMovie 2.6.1

- [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug that would cause FFMPEG to crash on Mac OS X 10.6-10.7.