Submarine 2.0.6

- Send to app now works even if you change the search criteria.
- Now the downloaded subtitle file is named using the movies filename if available.
- Fix for simplified Chinese searches.
- Migrated to Swift 5.

Submarine 2.0.5

- Made some fixes to handle changes in the REST API.
- Double click on a row in the table view to download.
- Default save location is now the same as the movies location.
- Fix for some weird characters in subtitle file names.
- Now searching for Dutch subtitles works.

Submarine 2.0.4

- Fixes a problem with macOS 10.12 Sierra when communicating with other Bitfield apps.
- General bug fixes and some UI tweaks.

Submarine 2.0.3

- Fixed a bug that could cause Submarine to crash when communicating with other Bitfield apps.

Submarine 2.0.2

- The Don't ask me again button on the donate sheet now works as expected. Sorry!