Name days for the iPhone is the definite source. 18 252 names from 17 countries in the palm of your hand. Greet your family and friends on their name day by sending a mail or SMS or Facebook wall post straight from within the app. Name days will quickly find people to celebrate from your contacts and from your Facebook friends. You can also learn more about specific names from Wikipedia using the built-in browser and even switch countries on the fly.

Main features

- 18 252 names from 17 countries.
- Find people to celebrate from your Contacts and Facebook friends.
- Send a greeting using Mail, SMS or post on friends Facebook wall.
- Call to celebrate.
- Use Wikipedia to learn more about a name.
- Keep track of favorite names.
- Get local notifications on a favorites name day.
- Localized professionally (ie not Google Translate) in the following languages.
united-states united-kindom czech-republic germany france italy sweden


Send us a mail at [email protected] if you want to localize Name days in your language. It’s really, really easy. You only need a text editor and you will get a promo code for your work.

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