Playr 1.1

- Hardware decoding for H.264 video reduces CPU load significantly.
- 30-40% lower memory consumption when decoding in hardware.
- Multi-channel audio output if you connected your Mac to a receiver.
- FFmpeg 2.3.3 "Mandelbrot".
- Improved SRT subtitle parsing.
- Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X Yosemite.
- Various UI changes to adopt the Yosemite look and feel.
- New "Yosemite-style" app icon.
- Fixed an auto-layout bug in the About window.
- Dutch localization by Hans Boekhorst.

Playr 1.0.6

- Now correctly renders style information for embedded soft subtitles in mp4/m4v files.
- Now selects a subtitle track in the preferred language when importing multiple subtitle files.
- Now correctly displays subtitles for right-to-left languages like Hebrew.
- Subtitle lines now wraps and looks OK when decreasing the window size.
- Improved the way to find an associated subtitle file in the movie folder.

Playr 1.0.5

- No more audio delay after seeking.
- Seeking back to the beginning improved.
- Help menu now directs you back to the Playr site.
- Improved parsing of color tags in srt subtitle files.
- Greek localization.
- Polish localization.
- Portuguese (Portugal) localization.

Playr 1.0.4

- New Color Controls inspector. Tweak brightness, saturation, contrast and hue for that perfect viewing experience.
- Better detection of subtitle language for external and downloaded subtitle files.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Playr to crash for certain audio track formats.
- Some localization fixes.
- German localization by Mario Tausch.

Playr 1.0.3

- Pixel aligned subtitles to avoid blur.
- Now renders font color tags for subtitles.
- Better detection of subtitle language for external subtitle files.
- Now prevents the screen from sleeping when watching a movie.
- The Metadata inspector now searches immediately on opening.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the movie window to hide when in fullscreen.

Playr 1.0.2

- Supports App Nap to save battery life.
- Zero CPU usage when paused and idled.
- Changing audio track now works as expected.
- Localized in Chinese (Simplified).
- Localized in Spanish by David Rojo.