Playr 2.4

- Support for macOS Mojave and Dark Mode.
- Playr is now notarized by Apple to guarantee it's free from malware.
- Select from Dark, Light or System appearance in Prefs.
- FFmpeg updated to the 4.0 "Wu" release.
- Select and add subtitle tracks from the TouchBar.
- Various under the hood improvements.

Playr 2.3.1

- Now the dock icon is changing to reflect the playing/paused state of Playr.
- The last current time in the movie is now restored when restoring windows.
- Fixed a bug where multiple subtitle tracks could be visible at the same time.
- Export subtitle tracks to a file. Supported formats are SRT, STL, 3GPP Timed Text, iTunes Timed Text, WebVTT.
- Reveal the associated file of a subtitle track in the Finder.
- Remove a subtitle track.
- The Open file dialog is now closed whenever a file is opened from somewhere else.
- Layout fixes in the Inspector window.
- Russian localization by Algiz Nord. Thx!

Playr 2.3

- FFmpeg updated to the 3.3 "Hilbert" release.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when seeking.
- Fixed a layout bug in the Audio/Subtitles popover.
- Now ignoring image based subtitle tracks instead of crashing.
- Many other small "under the hood" improvements.