Playr 2.6.1

- Now runs native on Apple Silicon Macs.
- Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Playr 2.6

- Ready for macOS Big Sur.
- New icon.
- FFmpeg version 4.3.1.
- Other minor fixes and UI tweaks.

Playr 2.5

- Fixed a bug that caused Playr to crash on macOS Catalina.
- Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Playr 2.4.1

- Improved support for macOS Catalina.
- Updated to Swift 5.1.
- Quickly scrub mp4/m4v video using two fingers on a trackpad.
- Search subtitles using Submarine.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

Playr 2.4

- Support for macOS Mojave and Dark Mode.
- Playr is now notarized by Apple to guarantee it's free from malware.
- Select from Dark, Light or System appearance in Prefs.
- FFmpeg updated to the 4.0 "Wu" release.
- Select and add subtitle tracks from the TouchBar.
- Various under the hood improvements.