Playr 2.1.2

- Fixed a problem with crackling audio for some files.
- Fixed a window restoration bug that could distort the movie aspect ratio.
- Better performance when scrubbing.
- New animated play/pause button.
- Cannot seek before the beginning of the movie.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Playr 2.1.1

- FFmpeg updated to the 2.8 "Feynman" release.
- Added "Very Large" to the list of subtitle text sizes.
- Window restoration fixes.
- Fixed a bug where hardware decoding would fail for some movies.

Playr 2.1

- Metadata Inspector completely revamped.
- Now using for metadata.
- Poster preview for movies in the viewer window. Turn on/off in Prefs.
- Fill screen with video in fullscreen mode.
- Restoring full screen windows now works properly on launch.
- Fixed a bug where the home button didn't go to the beginning of the movie.

Playr 2.0.1

- Switch between using a Vibrant Dark or Vibrant Light user interface.
- FFmpeg updated to the 2.6.2 "Grothendieck" release.
- Better performance when loading embedded subtitles on low-end Macs.
- Activity indicator in the subtitles popup show loading progress for embedded subtitles.
- Tried to fix a bug which could cause a crash while scrubbing the video.
- Updated some icons in the controller toolbar.
- Added an option to show the Inspector button in the window titlebar.
- Sample subtitle style now updating when editing the corner radius setting.
- Various fixes and interface tweaks.

Playr 2.0

- New beautiful chromeless user interface.
- Subtitle rendering re-written from scratch.
- Less memory usage when rendering subtitles.
- Subtitle styles re-invented. Many new options.
- Edit your custom subtitle styles and watch them update in real-time.
- Subtitle alignment. Left, Center or Right.
- Bold font faces available for your subtitle styles.
- Double-click the player view to toggle fullscreen mode.
- Fixed a memory leak.
- The Gray icon is back!!!


Playr 1.1.1

- Drag and drop subtitle files on the window to import.
- FFmpeg updated to the 2.5.3 "Bohr" release.
- Subtitles visible while scrubbing.
- Plays WMA2 audio without crashing.
- More colorful app icon.
- German localization fixes.