iSubtitle 3.4.4

- Improved export performance with new FFmpeg build.
- Choose between Portrait (Poster) or Landscape artwork in Preferences->Metadata.
- Localization fixes.

iSubtitle 3.4.3

- Mapping of tracks with multi-channel audio works better now.
- Fixed a crash bug when parsing some weird subtitle formatting errors.
- Fixed some network error handling when is down.
- Fixed some visual glitches in the Welcome-window.
- Various tweaks and fixes under the hood.

iSubtitle 3.4.2

- Now runs native on Apple Silicon Macs.
- Localization fixes.

iSubtitle 3.4.1

- Fixed some video transporter bugs.
- Subtitles doesn't temporarily disappear when the movie is paused.
- Fixed some layout issues in the chapters popover.
- Doesn't fetch new metadata if there's already artwork in the file.
- Resize tabbed windows without aspect ratio constraints.
- Windows return to their normal size after released from a tab.
- Open new windows in tabs in Preferences->General.

iSubtitle 3.4

- Ready for macOS Big Sur.
- New icon.
- FFmpeg version 4.3.1.
- Other minor fixes and many UI tweaks.