iSubtitle 3.4

- Ready for macOS Big Sur.
- New icon.
- FFmpeg version 4.3.1.
- Other minor fixes and many UI tweaks.

iSubtitle 3.3.2

- Fixed "(null) was exported successfully" in the Notification center.
- Dutch subtitles are now Dutch and not English upon successful export.
- Various "under the hood" improvements.

iSubtitle 3.3.1 (Mac App Store Only)

- [BUGFIX] Should now be able to add movies to the TV app automatically.

iSubtitle 3.3

- Support for macOS Catalina and the new TV app replacing iTunes.
- Automatically add the exported file to the TV app on finished export instead of iTunes.
- Poster images on macOS Catalina are in landscape instead of portrait to fit the look of the new TV app.

iSubtitle 3.2.3

- By popular request you can now search for subtitles using Submarine again.
- Fixed a bug in the Search preferences pane.