MovieGallery 1.5.1

- [Bugfix] RFC822 date method would fail in the month of december which in turn caused the Sharing process to halt.

MovieGallery 1.5

- MovieGallery is now compiled as a Universal Binary.
- Added the ability to burn a gallery and it's media to a CD/DVD.

MovieGallery 1.4

- User-interface has been revised. The application now has a cleaner look and more efficient user-interface which takes less space.
- The user-interface can easily be minimized/maximized by using familiar keyboard shortcuts.
- Previews can now be set by pasting images in from the pasteboard.
- Shuffle and Loop controls are now individual for each playlist.
- Gallery data are now saved in binary format for better performance. Older galleries are automatically converted when you open them.
- Self-contained galleries no longer has an upper limit in file-size.
- Thumbnails are only saved to disk when changed. This speeds up saving of large galleries.
- Search field no longer gets focused when changing to movie view.
- Fixed a potential crash bug within the rating cell widget.
- Fixed a problem where self-contained galleries would not recompress media upon sharing.
- Escape-key are now mapped to Cancel-button in various sheets/dialogs.

MovieGallery 1.3.2

- All default templates are now available with H264 compression. QuickTime 7 required.
- In the Sharing panel you can now choose if you want to share your movies in Kioskmode or not. When Kioskmode is off, visitors can download the movie if they have a QuickTime Pro license.
- [Bugfix] Importing files now works with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 7.0.
- [Bugfix] Playlists with flash movies now play continuously.

MovieGallery 1.3.1

- You can now use the new window theme Unified Title/Toolbar in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
- Made a workaround for a bug in Safari 2.0 using Dynamic Modern Web templates.
- [Bugfix] Click selection in thumbnail view was fixed.

MovieGallery 1.3

- Galleries can now be saved self-contained. Movie content will be copied into the document bundle and the gallery will be playable on other computers. You find it under File->Save as...
- Added Shuffle/Loop for Playlists/Selections. The setting is individual for each gallery.
- Added Drag and Drop between galleries. You can now add media by dragging it from one gallery to another.
- Movies are now imported in the order the Finder would sort them by name.
- Added Duration and Size to the information pane in Modern Web templates.
- Added Playlist Info to the playlist pane in Dynamic Modern Web templates.
- Optimized Dynamic Modern Web templates to load much faster.
- Works with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
- [Bugfix] Set Preview to Current Frame could in some cases build the thumbnail on another movie.
- [Bugfix] Smart Playlists creation would fail if trying to set Rating is in the range in Mac OS 10.4.

MovieGallery 1.2

- French and Swedish localization.
- Splitviews has been implemented. You can now easily collapse/expand the various parts of the main window just by double-clicking on the splitview dividers.
- The Info drawer has been deprecated and the info field has been moved to the bottom left splitview.
- Date and time are now formatted using the Systems International preferences.
- An Info field has been added for playlists. You can now easily annotate any playlist.
- [Bugfix] Media ID can now be used as a range search in smart playlists.

MovieGallery 1.1

- Smart Playlists has been fully integrated. You can even publish your gallery and all the Smart Playlists will be published too.
- Autosave has been implemented. Turn it on in Preferences->General. Your galleries will be saved automatically as soon as you close them!
- Rating has been added. You can set rating using the applications menu Movie->My Rating. The toolbar action menu also has a rating menu and the thumbnails contextual menu as well. You can also rate your movies by dragging the mouse over the rating field when in list view. Rating is also fully functional with smart playlists.
- Thumbnails can now show both duration and rating. The setting is individual for each gallery.
- An alias to a movie will no longer be added to the library on import.
- Fixed a bug where the application would crash if another instance of the application was already running.
- Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the application to crash when trying to register.

MovieGallery 1.0.3

- Fullscreen code has been re-written from ground up. For example you can now switch application by pressing Control-Tab and still see the MovieGallery playlist playing in the background.
- A fullscreen controller window has been added which let's you navigate your movies exactly as you do in windowed mode.
- A share action can now easily be applied to all movies by holding down the alt-key on the keyboard while choosing an action in the Media pane of the Share panel.
- Fullscreen settings has been added to Preferences.
- Automatic check for software updates is now turned on and will check weekly by default. This is a wish from many users.
- A QuickTime VR movie playing in a playlist will now stop auto panning if you click on it.
- Fixed a bug in Modern Web stylesheets which could invalidate the prev/next buttons of the thumbnail scroller.
- Fixed a bug in the Simple Web Black template.
- Fixed a bug with multiple screen fullscreen playback.

MovieGallery 1.0.2

- Added two new Dynamic Modern Web templates. These templates are truly dynamic and reads their data from the shared gallery.xml file. In Modern Web Rainbow the viewer can choose a color theme dynamically. Shared galleries using the dynamic templates has to be run from a web-server in order to function. They also need a modern web-browser. Read more under each templates description.
- If you have multiple monitors connected, you're now able to select which one to target when playing full-screen.
- Fixed a bug which caused some reference movies not to import. For example; adding an iMovie project reference movie now works.
- You can now add hypertext links to the info field using XHTML. Just write the href tags directly into the field. Remember to write proper XHTML.
- Modern Web templates now works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer for Windows.
- Cursor is now hidden after a couple of seconds of inactivity when playing full-screen.
- Playlists in full-screen and in the gallery are now working together.
- Movies with an extension that doesn't comply with it's content can now be imported to the gallery. Example; an mpeg1 movie with the name can now be added.
- The enter-key now works exactly as the play button.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to start playing empty playlists.
- Flattening action now correctly updates the sharing progress bar.

MovieGallery 1.0.1

- Fixed a bug which caused the application to crash when trying to drag "empty" thumbnails and sometimes just when playing a movie.
- Drag and drop now works in the media view and in all other views.
- Modern Web Templates now works with Mozilla.
- Thumbnail view updates correctly when editing multiple media names simultaneously.
- Search now includes the info field.

MovieGallery 1.0

Version 1.0 Released