RoadMovie 2 brings you "video-encoding-super-powers" in a friendly and easy to use interface. Now you can finally create professionally encoded videos without using several apps for each task. All you need comes in this one app. Easy to use, yet super-powerful. Enjoy!

Main Features

• Powerful video encoding using FFMPEG or QuickTime.
• 64-bit encoding whenever possible for optimal encoding speed.
• Support for soft and hard-coded subtitles.
• Subtitle support for SubRip (.srt), SubViewer 1 & 2 (.sub), SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass), Spruce (.stl) and MicroDVD.
• Built-in subtitle file search with automatic download, unarchive and parsing.
• Full iTunes metadata editor and automatic metadata fetching from TMDb.
• Add/Edit chapter markers.
• Track inspector.
• Batch encoding in a separate export queue.
• Built-in encoder Presets for popular devices.
• Presets for iPad, Apple TV, iPhone (3G, 4G), iPod, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Wii, Web and more.
• Customize your own set of Presets. Possibilities are endless.
• Upload to FTP, SFTP, .Mac, WebDav or YouTube.
• Automatically add to iTunes.
• Create and manage Destinations.
• Full AppleScript support to easily automate workflows.
• Video Podcast support. Publish video podcasts with one click.
• Support for a huge number of input and output file formats.
• Beautiful interface with crisp Retina graphics.
• Enhanced for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

• Catalan localization by Ben Montoliu Roura.
• Traditional Chinese localization by John Wuson.
• Dutch localization by Ronald van der Meer.
• Spanish localization by Emilio Perez Egido.
• French localization by Matthieu Landry.
• Hungarian localization by Laszlo Kalman.
• Polish localization by Marek Piekielnik.
• Finnish localization by Johan Fromholdt.
• Italian localization by Paolo Navaretti.
• Swedish localization by Bitfield.

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How it works

Just drag and drop a video file into the main window to start working. Make sure you have Perian installed to let you work with as many video formats as possible. Get it here...



Select a Preset and a Destination from the list and click the submit button to start encoding your video. It’s that simple!

More about settings...



Metadata tags describe your video’s content in a fashion similar to id3 tags for mp3 music. RoadMovie will automatically download metadata and artwork from TMDb and TVDb. Your videos will look stunning in iTunes and on your device.

More about metadata...



RoadMovie is revolutionary in the way that it handles both hard-coded and soft subtitles. Hard coded subtitles are “burned” into the video track and will work on any device. Soft subtitles are a separate tracks with resolution independent subtitles that can be turned on and off on your device.

More about subtitles...



Add chapters/bookmarks to your video. It’s really easy and convenient.

More about chapters...



Learn what’s inside your video file. Take a peek on the various tracks and learn about their formats and such.

More about tracks...



Create video podcasts easier than ever before. With this feature you can build a channel of your videos and let others subscribe to that podcast channel using iTunes.

More about podcasts...


You can preview your video at any time to check that subtitles are in sync. Just hover the mouse over the video preview and hit the play button.


More about the Preview window...


Create and manage your own custom encoder Presets. Use the full potential of FFMPEG and QuickTime to encode your movies exactly as you wish.

More about Presets...


Want your encoded movie to upload to your ftp server? No problem. Just create and manage your own Destinations. RoadMovie supports File, FTP, SFTP and WebDav.

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If you ever wonder what happened to your video you can always check the log. You’ll find it in a drawer attached to the main window.

More about Logs...