MovieGallery - The Features

MovieGallery is the missing link in the digital world of moving media. In fact, it allows you to organize, watch and share all your movies in an intuitive and powerful way.

And best of all, publish and share it with friends, colleagues and partners on everything from a web-page to a mobile phone. As many galleries as you like. And do this stunning operation with a few clicks! No other application does this!

MovieGallery is an application with a truly modern architecture. On the surface it looks like any ordinary iApp, but under the hood it's different. In contradiction to almost all other shoe-box applications (like iPhoto, iTunes etc.) MovieGallery is designed as a document-based application.

You might ask yourself why that makes such a great difference? Some examples: You can have as many galleries as you like. Yes, we didn't say playlists. Each gallery behaves and looks like any ordinary document in the Finder. Make a gallery with movie trailers. Make another gallery with commercials. Make a third gallery with your holiday movies. And each gallery in itself can contain as many playlists and movies as you like.

This also gives MovieGallery some unique advantages when sharing. Each gallery will be shared to the internet in it's complete form, keeping your organisation with playlists, sorting and all.