Tired of rummaging your hard drive for all the funny movies you want to show? Are you getting tired of keeping count of the movies you downloaded or made yourself? Well, MovieGallery is here to help you.

• Add movies by dragging them from the Finder into any MovieGallery window. Drop a singel film, a whole bunch or a folder.

• If you drop a folder of movies in the playlist window they will automatically become a playlist with the name of the folder.


• Create playlists to categorize your media and add any number of movies to a playlist.

• Create playlists automatically by dragging a folder of movies directly to the playlist window.

• You can have as many galleries as you like. Yes, we didn't say playlists. Each gallery behaves and looks like any ordinary document in the Finder. Make a gallery with movie trailers. Make a gallery with commercials. Make a gallery with your holiday movies. And each gallery in itself can contain as many playlists and movies as you like.


• Sort each playlist individually by dragging it up and down. Sort movies by using View from menu or slect the view mode.

• Search your gallery in a snap using the quick search box.


• Let MovieGallery create beautiful thumbnail previews from a predefined part of the movie timeline. Or tell it to create a thumbnail from any frame you choose in the movie. You can also select any picture you like as a preview for the movie.

• You can at any stage open the info drawer and fill in any information you want, like title, copyright, locations, actors and so on.