File formats

RoadMovie is using QuickTime to decode your file and FFMPEG or QuickTime to encode. If you install Perian you can import almost any video file.

Supported input file formats

QuickTime Movie (.mov)
• MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v)
• MPEG-1
• 3GPP
• 3GPP2
• DV
• AVI (with Perian installed)
• DIVX (with Perian installed)
• MKV (with Perian installed)
• FLV (with Perian installed)
• GVI (with Perian installed)
• VP6 (with Perian installed)
• VFW (with Perian installed)
• OGG (with XiphQT installed)
• WMV (with Flip4Mac installed)

RoadMovie will not import DVD’s or BluRay Discs.

Supported output file formats

RoadMovie can export (encode) into almost any format imaginable. There are several built-in Presets that you can use to export your file and you can easily create your own.

Learn more about Presets here...